Friday, January 15, 2010


I have had a crazed week of travel, presentations, trainings, and

So, very quickly, I must say I love what I do. I really love the clients I work with, the people I meet at presentations, the connections I create for people, and the funny people I work with and the relationships that develop.

Sometimes it is stressful. It always takes time. But, today especially while I am rather wiped out from my recent travels around the state - Charlotte to Stowe to Brandon to Rutland to South Royalton to Charlotte in two days - wow - I am feeling really great about what I do!

By the way if you are are business in the Rutland area - take my word for it - join the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce. They are one of the most organized and committed to their members organizations I have come across. And they hire great speakers! heeheehee

Tips on joining Chambers - you must maximize their services by making the effort after you join - you get out what you put in, and they can be one of the best expenses you can make as a small business.

And if you're looking for fantastic branding, design, and videography/new media capabilities - check out Hen House Media - they have got it going on!

Cheerio from the office of Rachel Carter PR:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PR Trends in 2010

Happy 2010! Thanks for respecting my absence as I took some much needed time away from the grind. But, back and refreshed - ready to really let my voice shine through in 2010! I thought I would share a few of my public relations predictions for 2010 - what do you think?

In 2010:

1.) People are going to be so frantic about social media they are going to let basics like customer service, regular communication, and having a good product/service slip - so take heed now - SOCIAL MEDIA ISN'T EVERYTHING!

2.) That said, if you aren't adjusting your finances, work load, and staffing to incorporate social media then you are slipping!

3.) Paper is back and green can chill. E-everything is pointless - when everyone is doing it no one is paying attention. Incorporate some time for letters, cards, and regular newsletters again. Not everyone wants to spend every moment in front of the computer. Buy locally made greeting cards, work with a local designer to create a cool notepad for your business or a newsletter that is of interest to your audience - NOT something that promotes you. Two suggestions I have are Kate Youlen: Graphic Design Studio and Bleu Sky Creative.

4.) Connect with your inner core and take the time to meditate, breathe, listen to your inner voice, and focus on the energy around you. Interested in getting started? Shyla Nelson's Live From the Core is where it's at.

5.) Stop Jumping On Bandwagons!!! Yes, local is it, before that was green, organic and fair trade keep fighting for the forefront - focus on YOUR business and YOUR customers and YOUR strengths and weaknesses and STOP worrying about what everyone else is doing!