Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High Fashion Comes to Vermont

Who says Vermont women don't appreciate high fashion? Not I. Appreciating and wearing are two totally separate things, however. But you ladies who love high fashion and have somewhere to wear it should certainly make an appointment for the Worth NY Trunk Show being held September 7-12 at the Vermont National Country Club on Dorset Street in South Burlington.

After throwing away a postcard and ignoring an email, I got a phone call to make an appointment for the Worth NY Trunk Show. (Here I reiterate the importance of follow-up)

Now this was a learning opportunity for me; who enjoys wearing legwarmers made by recycled sweater sleeves (by The Healthy Hippie of course). When I hear the word trunk sale I think of when an ex-boyfriend's mom showed up at Thanksgiving with a trunk full of imitation purses to sell. Or maybe when a favorite thrift store had a trunk sale of a bunch of items for extra cheap. But, this week, I learned what a trunk show really is - a special sale in which vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or select customers at a retail location or another unique venue.

And it seems Worth NY (which I had also never heard of) is worthy of a traveling show. I did a bit of research and just looking at the website one can differentiate their superior style, class, and elegance from anything one might find in Vermont. The style is personally something I really like - if I chose to be a PR rat racer in NYC. But sadly, I cannot wear such lovely items traipsing around my farmhouse, killing spiders in between PR follow-up calls. See for yourselves at www.worthny.com.

Worth NY did their homework as well and learned that Vermonters, no matter what their style, like to attach spending dollars towards local causes and a percentage of the proceeds will benefit The Vermont Food Bank, although I am sure it is not as high as Candles & Creations, the unique Vermont boutique which donates 15% of net profits to Vermont non-profits. I did learn while chatting with one of the Vermont hosts of the show that the Vermont Food Bank recently bought a farm and will be growing veggies for clients in addition to the donations they receive. Very cool. Everyone deserves to eat veggies like these!

So, if it fits your style, please call Christine, one of the hosts who resides in Lincoln, Vermont to make an appointment to purchase some Worth NY designer clothing - 802-453-6416. Cheerio!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Public Relations Internship

As summer comes to a close and I see my blog posts are slim this month (I actually took a vacation), I realize I best get moving on securing an intern for the fall. My current intern, Aislinn Wallace, heads back to Dickinson College this week. Aislinn has done some great work here at Rachel Carter PR and I am bummed to see her go - especially as we wrap up the youth wellness public relations campaign for Candles & Creations - the unique Vermont boutique located in South Burlington's Blue Mall.

Anyway, I have internship postings at Champlain College and St. Michael's College. I don't think I have anything active at UVM, but students from any college are encouraged to apply! If someone catches this post here, check out my website - www.rachelcarterpr.com - and see if an internship in Charlotte with lots of flexibility and very hands on experience would be of interest to you! My small Vermont PR agency excels at combining traditional PR practice with new media, social networking, and grassroots marketing. An internship with me is a fantastic opportunity for the right individual.

For further info or to apply, email me at rachel@rachelcarterpr.com, tell me what what interests you about PR and where your goals lie and attach a resume.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Government and Business

Do not mix. At all. Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that mixture will slop together for you. The government - federal and state - are both messed. While I believe that some of the people who work for the government truly want to make a difference, I think they get so caught up in bureaucracy, process, hand slapping, and just basic stupidity that they are either smart and get out to where they can make a difference, or they are stuck because the other demands of life make it very difficult to make personal change.

The power is shifting. Just look at the environmental movement. That is entirely driven by businesses responding to people's needs, certainly not the government. But businesses have to do it themselves because the government won't help. And the unfortunate part is businesses have to turn a profit, they don't have taxes smacking them in the rear ends to slow down the process some more.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of the small business and I have no faith, respect, or conviction in the government. Too bad my taxes can't actually go to those who make a difference. Too bad businesses and government can't actually work together for the good of the people - isn't that what the government is supposed to be there for? Not to say they can't favor one small business over another when they have oil companies wiping their asses for them.

I recently met with the folks at CCTV - Center for Media and Democracy and chatted a bit about free speech. And here I am exercising that right - may more people use blogs to do what they can't many other places. Oh, and feel free to check out the Rachel Carter PR interview on a recent Live at 5:25 Local Media Show.