Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marketing VT to moe.rons Rutland Peeps!

Attention businesses in Rutland and Killington, Vermont!!!

In case you haven't heard, the awesome, fun, and rockin' band moe. is having their super rockin' winter/ski music festival snoe.down in Rutland/Killington this year March 26-28, 2010. This is the first year the festival will be in Vermont and it would be so very cool if that could continue. Check out the website for all the 411 - http://www.moe.org/snoedown/.

I feel I am fully qualified to write this post to Rutland/Killington area businesses for the following reasons:

1.) I am a Vermont PR/marketing chick
2.) I recently presented on social media marketing to the Rutland Chamber of Commerce in January 2010
3.) I have been working in PR/marketing in Vermont since 2000
4.) I am a fifth generation Vermonter twice removed
5.) I am a huge moe.ron (fan of the band moe.)
6.) I have been to over 40 shows, including two of the past three snoe.down festivals
7.) The inflatable instrument band and message board I sometimes reference in marketing presentations are both a part of the moe. experience

So, pay heed businesses and check these insider tips!

1.) moe. is spelled moe.
2.) Fans of moe. are called moe.rons and that is how it is spelled
3.) moe. fans travel to see the music and hang out with their other moe.ron friends - this is called their famoe.ly
4.) moe.rons really like seeing welcome signs on area businesses when they travel into towns that say things like
"Welcome famoe.ly and moe.rons Welcome!"
5.) moe.rons range in ages from early 20's to 60's with the majority being in their 30's and 40's and they like to support the local communities they are visiting for shows
6.) They also like Vermont products
7.) I suggest making signs and welcoming moe.rons to visit your business featuring Vermont products
8.) Favorite products are local beer, local food products, local snacks, hearty yet healthy meals, local beer, fun things to do in the area after the festival is over
9.) Many will be staying in hotels in Rutland so they are close to the concert venue, but there are activities at Killington during the day all three days so offering shuttle services will be appreciated and help with traffic congestion
10.) Offer moe.rons coupons and area info books at their hotels - we like doing cool things in town, but don't have much time to seek them out as we are in town for the music!

And, have fun with us! moe.rons have great senses of humor, love rock and roll, have great appetites, and will spend money when extra steps are made to make us feel appreciated! We are a target market - own us!

One word of caution - police take heed to a nasty thing called the nitrous mafia which unfortunately follows certain bands around to prey on concert goers. It is an organized crime ring of non moe.rons selling nitrous oxide (laughing gas) after concerts in big party balloons and wholesale in hotel parking lots before and after shows. They will pay off police and business owners. All properties - hotels and after hours lots - should pay attention to this disgusting backlash to a very positive scene. Please understand it is organized crime, not just a couple of fans and they are responsible for a few deaths here and there although no one wants to outwardly report on it. I am - please pay attention!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Social Media is Driving Me Insane!

This is probably in part why I haven't blogged in way too long! I have a Twitter headache, a Facebook bone ache, and a Flickr zit. I apologize to all the good folks I have been presenting to and instructing to look at my blog for good examples - good examples of being mad at social media! And thank you Dorset Custom Furniture for the Vermont public relations plug after I presented to the VT Wood Manufacturers Association at The McKernon Group in Brandon - I am digging this furniture, woodworking, custom kitchen, home renovating thing - maybe it's time for one of my own woodworking posts - I think I forgot to tell the woodworking folks I refinish wood furniture in my spare time! When I am not detoxing from social media crack that is!

Aurgh - so see? Miss "I-Like-To-Present-On-Social-Media-Too" has had it as well! I have been thinking about this post for a while and talking about it even longer, so getting to the point I go:

Ways to Stay Sane in the World of Social Media:

1.) Make plans with social networking friends to go out to dinner at great Vermont restaurants and plan a little drive with some good tunes to get there (hint: this is called Vermont Vibing). Start with me! The Mitch and I are seeking interesting people to have dinner dates with so we can discuss current affairs in Vermont and get our VPR pledge drive money's worth.

2.) Use social media to get good book ideas, visit a used book store, buy the book and read it far, far away from your computer, IPod, IPhone, Blackberry, and whatever other gadget I am not aware of because I stopped at the IPod.

3.) Never under estimate the power of the written planner and how much attention you get when you use it - excellent marketing tool.

4.) Use all of your social networks to tell people you are away and then do whatever you want and feel free from feeling like you are ignoring anyone.

5.) Connect with a few of your social media peeps, tweeps, and creeps and plan a party - not a "tweet-up" for the purpose of promoting business, brand, image, and not-promoting - a full on bash. And include me - I am ready to plan a party with all the folks I think are awesome on the internet - let's do it at a Vermont State Park!

And lastly - forget hiring me for a consultation - I want to MC your event!