Monday, November 29, 2010

Rachel Carter PR Blog Transformed

Hello! This blog as we know it has now merged into the homepage of Vermont public relations firm, Rachel Carter PR. In always striving to build upon trends in the industry and combining it with my own intuition, I have made the homepage of Rachel Carter PR into a Vermont News Feed for professional and amateur media alike to subscribe. I am also the new co-author of VERMONT: An Explorer's Guide and will be blogging about my adventures researching the book on the brand new Vermont Vibes Blog location.

Please check them out:

Thank you always for your support! Check out the full news story here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did People REALLY Think I Disappeared?

No, No, No! I rested, reflected, rejuvenated, and then began manifesting once again...

If I tried to stay on top of all the trends, how could I make what works for my business meaningful to my audience? Then I'd be a trendhopper, not a trendsetter. As long as neither is a trendstealer - I have watched a whole lot of that going 'round with social media. I even stopped telling businesses to "spy" because social media very quickly went from fun and engaging to really crazy. I mean you can watch people's "friendships" on Facebook - by what and where they correspond with other people. That is just creepy, never mind a feeding ground for all sorts of passive aggressive behavior.

Plus I'm sick of racking up friends - it's like high school online. That's not where I need to spend my time in networking. Or going to events and trying to talk to as many people as possible. I have been focusing on going to events and not talking to more than three people, but with those three have really engaging and substantial conversations.

I have learned in my time away from blogging and reassessing my business, brand, and target audience, the following values are most important to me - both personally and professionally:

Vision, Reality, Ethics, Courage & Loyalty

Get Ready Vermont - Rachel Carter PR's Got a Brand New Bag

Stay Tuned...
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