Friday, February 29, 2008

New Media News and Plugs

Happy Leap Year Friday all! It's been a busy bee month of Vermont PR work at Rachel Carter PR. Lots of exciting things in the works for my clients and lots of positivity floating around which is refreshing and invigorating. I thought I'd take a moment to plug a few folks on the new media, multimedia, and media tools front. So, for those of you needing to design or enhance a website and actually want the web developers to help you market it, or for those of you looking to enhance your multimedia visibility through blogging, podcasts, video, and other fun and interactive web stuff, here are come folks you need to be in the 411 with!

As Seen In VT - TV: Down in the Mad River Valley, these video guru folks are doing it right and if you have something worth video capture (which most people do), you should check out this site - Jump on the video bandwagon before it becomes the new hit means on transportation after the hybrid.
Note: I also just learned from these folks about a new program that ties in web site creation, content management, RSS feeds, and just about everything else that's hip with multimedia -

Off the Page Creations:
Are you starting a business and need to get a website up and running and want it marketed as well? Stephanie at Off the Page Creations - is one of the first people you should talk to. And she isn't just Rachel Carter PR approved, she is Rachel approved!

Shadow Productions: Voiceovers, web multimedia that combines talent, and other odd projects you have created in your mind but aren't sure how to put them together? Then you need to chat with Shadow Productions - They aren't just a talented provider of multimedia, they have access to the talent too!

Vermont Duplication: So, now you have some neat multimedia pieces in your hand, but you need them mass produced to send to clients, prospective clients, media, investors, your class reunion organizer, or for your family reunion - whoever! Niel at Vermont Duplications makes digital copies of almost everything. Check out the dupe services at

Shark Communication: Do you want it all? Are you a larger company and you want to integrate new media and multimedia components with your website and other marketing vehicles? The folks at Shark keep the fin in all of the above swimming merrily alongside the multimedia bandwagon. Check them out at and look - they even have a blog!

Rachel Carter PR: I can't help to plug myself here! While I am a public relations guru, my multimedia mixtures in the batter are blogs, social networking and online community relations research, and press room content for your website and I hope you know where to find me -

Happy Expanding Your Horizons!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Young Careerist Goes Red

I would like to start by saying "Thank You" you to Caisil Weldon for nominating me as a Business and Professional Women Young Careerist candidate. I would also like to acknowledge Caisil myself for the amazing work she has been conducting in regards to women's health, in particular heart disease.

Caisil is the woman behind the Vermont Chapter of the American Heart Association's 2nd Annual Go Red For Women Luncheon - a fundraising event featuring a silent auction, educational activities, and survivor stories to raise awareness and funds for heart disease - a disease that leads the charts on America's top killer list - and one that can be very much prevented if one takes precautions and understands and acts upon warning signs.

The luncheon is this coming Thursday, February 21st at the Sheraton in Burlington and will be attended by almost 400 women, all who are asked to dress in red to help bring color and attention to this deadly disease. I will most certainly be attending and deeply applaud Caisil and all who worked with her to organize such an important event. For those who don't make it this year, make a note for next year's and get on the list!!

This past week Caisil (during her bustle of getting ready for this signature event) nominated yours truly to be a candidate for the Burlington Chapter of the Business and Professional Women's Young Careerist program. I submitted my application and attended the organization's monthly meeting at the Sirloin Saloon where I gave a speech on the attributes of the organization which is the leading women's issues advocate to both the state and national legislature (it is a national organization). I was most honored to be named Burlington's 2008 Young Careerist and greatly look forward to attending the Vermont Conference in June where I will again speak for the title of 2008 Vermont Young Careerist. I look forward to my continued participation in this program and helping share the story of the organization with other Vermont business and professional women!

Friday, February 8, 2008

PR = Patient Rendezvousing

Well, by definition it means public relations, but I think public relations is a long term rendezvous with patience. Patience while you wait for someone to agree to move ahead with public relations strategy. Patience while you get press materials together so you can actually reach out to the press. Patience while you try and try again to make contact with members of the press. Patience while you wait to hear back from them. Patience while you wait to watch the fruit of your efforts finally reap the benefits. And they do, and when they do it is magnificent. And they will continue to do so long after the work is complete.

I understand this, but unless a client has had experience with full blown public relations efforts before, they do not grasp the concept of public relations being a rendezvous with patience. This is seriously the biggest stress in being a public relations professional, or at least in my experience. And, I wouldn't even consider patience to be one of my personal strengths. I guess that's because I practice it in all aspects of my career every day.

I must give this example before I close this entry to help clarify the long term fact of PR: When I worked at an agency I handled PR for the Woodstock Inn & Resort from 2002-2004. Just two weeks ago, in the start of 2008 - FOUR years after I stopped communicating with the press about the Woodstock Inn & Resort, I received a clipping in the mail of a four page romantic winter getaway article I worked with a writer on that just got picked up by several daily newspapers and ran in their travel sections. This exemplifies the meaning of patient rendezvousing.