Monday, May 10, 2010

Basic Publicity Tips for a Tour or Series of Events

I am often asked to consult and/or implement in this area and as my schedule continues to be insanely busy and I am committed to my own well being this summer and taking some time for myself and The Mitch, I thought these tips might be helpful. I will also be speaking on this in more detail at the Women Business Owner's (WBON) Conference this Thursday in Burlington - it's not too late to register -

~ Write a short (no more than 2-3 sentences) description of the tour and mission

~ Write a press release (no more than 4-5 short paragraphs) that is written with the most pertinent information first - who, what, where, when, how, why - in that order

~ Have the press release or the information in the press release available somewhere online and always share the direct link to that information in any correspondence

~ If already on Facebook, create a fan page or an event or both, if not already using Facebook this won't work

~ If already on Linked In, post to your profile, if not already using Linked In this won't work

~ Create a Twitter account for the tour (several months in advance) and begin building relationships with others in the path or the tour, who are sympathetic to the cause, or interested in the issue - build relationships with individuals, groups, associations, companies, amateur, and professional media

~ Determine the professional and amateur media (traditional and social) in each town along the tour and individually send them the short description (aka pitch) over a month in advance

~ Submit as an event to any applicable newspaper or online media calendar listings/event postings over a month in advance

~ Follow up with another individual note and the press release - always linking to where it can be found online 2-3 weeks in advance

~ Contact sympathetic/interested people/organizations with link to online press release and ask them to help you promote 2-3 weeks in advance

~ Contact local TV stations and ask to cover and send a copy of the press release with the link 1 week in advance

~ Call the appropriate daily newspaper and ask to cover 1 week in advance

~ Follow up with interested media/organizations with a post tour/event press release and some GREAT PHOTOS that help tell the story

Happy to have additional suggestions as this is just a basic start - please comment!