Monday, April 28, 2008

Rachel Carter PR Is MOVING!!!

Check it!

Rachel Carter PR is officially moving it's Vermont headquarters, operations, and offices to Charlotte, Vermont. The Burlington-based public relations agency/firm is now and forever more known as the Charlotte-based Vermont public relations extravaganza. Ok, Ok, I am being silly, that is because I am moving and am on that verge of cracking up that I think everyone hits when moving!

But, the truth, reality, and awesomeness is I am moving my home and office to Charlotte in a fabulous old farmhouse on a dead end, dirt road. Rachel Carter PR will be located in a large, working office with space for stuff, intern, working, and mailings as well as a comfortable inside meeting area and meeting lounge on a second floor porch. Meetings at the farmhouse are a must where complimentary sun tea is always on tap.

Everyone please make note - the new contact information is as follows:

Rachel Carter PR
564 Garen Road
Suite 4
Charlotte, VT 05445

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vermont Public Relations Internship

Calling Motivated Interns!!!

I am looking for an intern for Fall 2008 for my Vermont public relations agency! The summer internship position is filled and I am now searching for someone to fill the fall slot (or whole year)!

PS - My internships rock! Here's the scoop:


- Flexible hours
- Relaxed home office environment
- Networking - for this I will cover the intern's expenses (internship is unpaid)
- Opportunity to work on PR accounts in various capacities - mostly writing, research, brainstorming, and helping with execution of various PR programs
- Rachel Carter PR email account
- Woman business owner firsthand experience, PR agency firsthand experience, skills and knowledge for intern to apply directly to work, life, and reality

What I am looking for:

- College student majoring in Public Relations or related field who is extremely driven and outgoing and who has REAL LIFE experience – travel, social skills beyond the college bubble, variety of friends, variety of jobs, etc.
- Candidate must have a laptop
- Candidate must be able to write well without spelling and grammar errors
- Candidate must be able to take direction and feedback as well as give feedback and insight
- Prefer someone who is going to stay in Vermont for a while since the opportunity for Vermont media contacts, business networking, and even job openings is high – this is not mandatory

Think you might be interested? Check out the Rachel Carter PR website at and get acclimated. Then, pitch me and show me what you've got!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boost Your Internet Presence (for free)

Want more links to come up about you on the internet? Want your potential customers to see your name more than once when they search? Want to come across as bigger than you really are? Here's your free tips for just that!

1.) First, google search yourself and see what's out there. Then google search they major keywords people would use to find your business, product, or service.

2.) This should open up a whole can of worms of directories and website you can look into to see if they accept free listings (most do, you just have to look for the fine print).

3.) Search your competition - see where they are listed and list yourself too!

4.) List yourself on the Yellow Pages websites, submit your website to the free search engines at Google and Yahoo, and make sure you are listed in your state's business directory and any member organization directories you belong to.

5.) Join social networking sites like My Space, Linked In, and Facebook.

Want to know every tip there is? Go to and buy the complete "how to" package for under $100!

Yay Freebies!!! (and be sure to go to for some good coupons to help you save at the store - everything helps with these damn gas prices!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

National Recognicio

Hey folks - check it out! My Rachel Carter PR Blog has been ranked as 83rd out of 1,295 marketing blogs from! - check out the link for some other great marketing blogs!

Also - I was recently interviewed by a PBS blogger on the Front Porch Forum for a national article. Check it out at
Of course, I told many positive things about the Front Porch Forum - like how I have contacted my newest neighborhood and have received six emails from new neighbors inviting me over and answering some questions I asked. But there is negativity in the Old North End and I was referring to that, not the Front Porch Forum - the forum is great! If you are not a member in your Greater Burlington, Vermont community - you certainly should be! Join today at