Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boost Your Internet Presence (for free)

Want more links to come up about you on the internet? Want your potential customers to see your name more than once when they search? Want to come across as bigger than you really are? Here's your free tips for just that!

1.) First, google search yourself and see what's out there. Then google search they major keywords people would use to find your business, product, or service.

2.) This should open up a whole can of worms of directories and website you can look into to see if they accept free listings (most do, you just have to look for the fine print).

3.) Search your competition - see where they are listed and list yourself too!

4.) List yourself on the Yellow Pages websites, submit your website to the free search engines at Google and Yahoo, and make sure you are listed in your state's business directory and any member organization directories you belong to.

5.) Join social networking sites like My Space, Linked In, and Facebook.

Want to know every tip there is? Go to and buy the complete "how to" package for under $100!

Yay Freebies!!! (and be sure to go to for some good coupons to help you save at the store - everything helps with these damn gas prices!)

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Anonymous said...


Great stuff...

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