Friday, April 4, 2008

National Recognicio

Hey folks - check it out! My Rachel Carter PR Blog has been ranked as 83rd out of 1,295 marketing blogs from! - check out the link for some other great marketing blogs!

Also - I was recently interviewed by a PBS blogger on the Front Porch Forum for a national article. Check it out at
Of course, I told many positive things about the Front Porch Forum - like how I have contacted my newest neighborhood and have received six emails from new neighbors inviting me over and answering some questions I asked. But there is negativity in the Old North End and I was referring to that, not the Front Porch Forum - the forum is great! If you are not a member in your Greater Burlington, Vermont community - you certainly should be! Join today at

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michael said...

Thanks for your kind words and longtime support of Front Porch Forum, Rachel. Glad to hear that it's working for you in your new location too.

And I'd like to encourage your readers to VOTE for Front Porch Forum in a national funding contest.

The first ten voters to correctly pick the Final Four will each win a $2,500 grant to direct to the charity of their choosing. So vote today!

Thanks. -Michael