Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Let the Blogging Begin!

And so it goes - my first "professional" blog! Guess that means I can't talk about my new romance, or the stress of moving, or the yummy crab cakes I just ate. But, I can talk about the craziness of starting a new business! And, it is crazy!!! Since I am now getting my blog going, guess I am supposed to post this Technorati link so I can play in the search engine field - Technorati Profile
so, there goes.
Anyway, so as a newly independent public relations consultant in Vermont, my goal in this blog is to offer some basic PR tips for folks - in Vermont and beyond. So, since most people associate the word public relations with a press release, here is my tip for the week:


Think of this instead - public relations is the telling of a story to relate the public to a product, idea, trend, event, etc. Would you tell a story by writing a wordy document and then spamming everyone you could and hope they read your story? Uh, I think not. You would call your friend and tell her and would chat about how it relates to her as well as you. You would email your cousin and tell him in a different way than you told your friend. You would mention it to a co-worker in a different manner than you would tell your significant other - um, get my drift?

Sit on that for a little while, soak it in, think about it, and let's chat about it next time...stay tuned!

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