Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Simpsons...

Ok, so has everyone heard that Springfield, Vermont is where Bart, Lisa, and the gang have been hanging out for such a timeless amount of time? I remember when my little brother (who is now like 28) wore skidz and Bart Simpson hair gel!
The question I pose for my marketing friends today is this:

How will Vermont use this to their advantage?

I can think of endless possibilities to capitalize - in an integrity driven way - on this fun and wonderful opportunity to shed a positive light on Vermont, boost Springfield's economy, and really let the world know that while Vermont is small, simple, and the true home of the Simpsons, it is also a place that is filled with heart and people who really get what life is all about as well as a state that knows how to get its shit together when faced with such a tremendous challenge and opportunity.

Vermont certainly proved themselves with making the best movie which helped us win - public relations and promotions Vermont! And may you please not be like the Vermont political candidates and use out of state marketers... This will be interesting to say the least.


Jen McColgan said...

ha.. just last week I went into a 7-eleven here in Denver that was turned into a "Kwik-E Mart" from the Simpsons. I guess they picked cities across the US to do this do..there were lines out the door to get Squishees, Buzz Cola etc. but alas no Duff Beer!

I gotta say it was pure marketing GENIUS.. I am not a huge fan of the Simpsons, but I had to go check it out. They got me in the door, I bought a slurpee-mission accomplished-sorta.. I mean I probably won't go see the movie, and that is the whole point right? Anyways check out an about the whole idea.

Ace said...

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VTvid said...

I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. After we helped our local Chamber of Commerce win the contest, they turned their backs on us. We should have been the first in town to be invited to view the world premiere of The Simpsons Movie but instead we were kept off the invitation list so the elite members of the community could all be invited instead. And then not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater. Read more and view our famous winning video now at our new website:
The Simpsons Springfield Vermont