Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Media Lesson Number 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 22 and so forth...

Just Because The Media Do Not Respond Does Not Mean They Are Not Listening.

I mean it. Think about how many times it takes for an impression to be made on you for you to finally act on it? If you are a business, how many times does it take for you to make an impression on someone else for them to actually pay attention to you? The media are not exempt from this concept. While many people wish there was a job rule that media people need to remember everything, no one else does, so why should they? I mean, hey - I am not even in the media yet am expected to remember everything and while I feel badly if I don't remember someone's name - I have entire databases I am working worth! My mind would explode!

Um, but yeah, this isn't about me - another lesson I continuously learn - and teach.

The media need continuous yet not annoying impressions over periods of time just as anyone else. And, they cannot be scolded for not putting you or your business first - remember it's not only about you.

Think about the concepts of communication as they apply to your own personal relationships and apply them to the way you relate to the media and you will gain valuable insights into the practice of public relations - especially right here in Vermont.

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