Monday, December 14, 2009

Vermont Music & Entertainment Thanks

Over my three years in business, I have had the wonderful opportunities to work with a variety of music and entertainment related Vermont businesses and organizations. As a musician myself, it was been quite a treat to work with clients that touch a chord with such deep personal connections and I would like to take a moment to continue my advent of thanks and recognize some of these wonderful past clients:

The Green Mountain Opera Festival - Under the acclaimed artistic direction of Taras Kulish, the Green Mountain Opera Festival is celebrating their fifth year of professional opera in Vermont. I began working with the festival in their first year and it has been truly majestic watching the festival grow and awaken the operatic souls of Vermonters and Vermont enthusiasts near and far. Sponsored by the Green Mountain Cultural Center located at The Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont, the Green Mountain Opera Festival offers a three week sojourn with events ranging from free classes and open rehearsals to magnificent Barre Opera House performances.

Nectar's Restaurant & Bar - The home to the first performances of my beloved band, Phish, I have worked with Nectar's in various capacities both before and after opening Rachel Carter PR. From their first renovation event where Governor Douglas posed for some great pictures enjoying gravy fries to helping owners with side film projects to helping them gain regional recognition as a premier music venue in Vermont and throughout the Northeast. One of the original owners after Nectar sold over 6 years ago, Damon Brink, is now a provoking political figure and is the state coordinator of the We the People Foundation.

Saint Michael's Playhouse - Greater Burlington’s professional summer theater, celebrates
live theater, nationally renowned Equity actors, and a professional theater internship
program and I was honored to help them boost regional PR efforts along with the talented folks at Shadow Productions. Now recognized as a 2009 Editor's Choice in the Yankee Magazine Travel Guide, Saint Michael's Playhouse continues to put on fully-staged professional New York caliber productions in a Vermont atmosphere and at Vermont prices.

Brandon Music - Vermont's Classical Music Haven is the North American headquarters of owner Stephen Sutton's British classical music record company, Divine Art Recordings Group. Located in Warren Kimble's former historic red barn studio and gallery, Brandon Music hosts the Divine Art CD Store, Harmony English Tea Room, a Vermont art gallery, and a gift shop selling a range of mainly English gifts and curios and collectible vintage china. Helping connect Brandon Music to Vermonters and watching them build their classical music haven has been inspirational - keep your eyes and ears open and when in Brandon, stop by for a cup of tea!

Such A Voice - Located in Vermont, but taught nationwide, is the voice over industry leader in cultivating voice over talent. Such A Voice is Tony Award Nominee, Dan Levine's voice over training and demo production company is the nationwide leader in launching voice over careers. I enjoy working with their fantastic staff as a consultant in a variety of areas and give them major kudos for their learning capacity and commitments.

Thank you everyone for enhancing my career with your talents! Stay tuned for year four of Rachel Carter PR with a significant focus on the voice, beginning with my commitment to Live from the Core™ sounding out across the nation from the Vermont voice studio of Shyla Nelson.


Alex Ball said...

Hey, thanks for the hat tip! Happy Holidays and a Cool New Year to you!

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