Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bookmark These Travel Sites

The New York Post calls it a "Facebook for Travelers." I call it an excellent transition for a travel writer using the online media industry to create a much more powerful tool than Trip Advisor to create interest and relationship driven travel idea sharing and trip planning. The travel writer being Ed Wetschler and the website he founded that has created the buzz is Tripatini.
Check it out! www.tripatini.com

And another travel writer who has grasped new media with a terrific force is Kaleel Sakakeeny with a corporation simply entitled New Media Travel. The crux of his creation is all in the video with Travel Video Postcards - an ingenious way to combine the integrity of travel reporting with the necessity of advertising to pay the bills for a valuable travel industry service.
Chck it out too! www.travelvideopostcard.com

I am short today because I am really on a mission to really accomplish my life mission by not just being a slave to my computer and because I need to practice shorter posts to meed the demand of today's attention spans.


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Yes... these sites should be bookmarked b/c these are very important sites....
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Rachel Carter said...

Just got word Ed came on board with Tripatini very early on but the site was actually founded by two journalists from Miami, David Appell and Jose Balido!

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