Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Looking for an Intern!

Yes I am! I am just too busy and need someone to ghost-write my blogs. Just Kidding! In my public relations opinion, that is NOT ethical! I do work with some blogs - like Green Mountain Power's Choose2BGreen blog, but that is the mechanical background work, research, rankings, etc. And, in fact, that is partially what I need help with! Someone who's internet savvy and up in the social networking world to help me with that side of my business while also learning the more traditional components of public relations and marketing.

This is definitely an unpaid internship, but the opportunity would be exceptional for the right candidate. Here's what I am offering:

- Flexible hours
- Relaxed home office environment
- Networking - for this I will cover the intern's expenses
- Chance to work on all of my accounts in various capacities - mostly writing, research, brainstorming, and helping with execution of various PR programs
- RachelCarterPR email account
- Women business owner firsthand experience

What I am looking for:

- College student majoring in Public Relations who is extremely driven and outgoing and who has real life experience in LIFE! (meaning, I do not want a bookworm whose experience is limited to the "college bubble" - I want someone who has traveled some, partied some, had a variety of jobs, has a variety of friends, and simply put - "gets it.") I do not care about GPAs
- Candidate must have a laptop - a computer is just something I cannot provide
- Candidate must be able to write well without spelling and grammar errors - I simply do not have time to correct these types of things
- Candidate must be able to take direction and feedback as well as give feedback and insight
- Prefer someone who is going to stay in Vermont for a while since the opportunity for Vermont media contacts, business networking, and even job openings is high

If anyone knows of anyone - please pass along and have candidates contact me by email with a well crafted, creative, and lively cover letter selling themselves to me as well as a resume.


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