Monday, September 10, 2007

Falling Into Publicity

I started off this blog griping about the industry, clients, money, etc. Then I deleted it and am starting over. I guess the ultimate gripe is that starting your own business is a lonely process. You no longer have co-workers or associates to plot the demise of your boss while pretending to be in a very important meeting, to sneak off with for extra long lunches downtown on a nice day, to yell back and forth over cubicles or office doors, or to say "screw working out, we're going for margaritas!" On a serious side, you also really don't have folks to bounce ideas off of or to blow off steam with after a crappy phone call.

And, in all fairness to myself and the industry, I guess I can't really use my blog to gripe. But, I can say that everyone has their ups and downs and everyone is human. In this humanity is also where we can really shine and connect with other human beings as people. Because at the end of the day what matters isn't your work, clients, or how you succeeded or failed, what matters is if you helped someone feel better about themselves, helped someone think more clearly, and if you helped yourself love and be loved. That is what matters. Oh and for my blog tags - I am Rachel Carter, a Vermont publicist and more importantly, a storyteller.

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