Friday, October 12, 2007


I like the concept. I do. Work for someone and trade for something you need. The key word in that sentence is need. It's a lot like coupons.

The concept of coupons is good. Be diligent, clip coupons, create a shopping list of things you need and then use the coupons against those things on your list and save money. But, how many people see coupons for things they might like, or might want to try, a might use down the road and how many people end up buying those things simply because they have a coupon?? I mean, seriously, isn't that the point of coupons? Yes! They are not there to save you money! They are a marketing strategy to get you to buy things!! And, in my opinion, a very good one.

And, yes, even as a public relations and marketing consultant in Vermont, I too fall prey! When I moved to my new apartment to help consolidate expenses for starting my own business, I got the relocation coupons. One was a 10% off Home Depot. So, of course I went to Home Depot to buy some stuff I needed and quite a bit more stuff I did not need. Great marketing tactic to get me to shop at Home Depot when normally I would go to South Burlington Ace Hardware and support my local hardware store owner where I already have a 10% discount card that applies everyday!

So silly. But, we all do it, don't we?

However, now that I run my own business, I have started to come up against the bartering and trade for my public relations work. And, I have to be frank -

I do not like them PR fans,
I do not like to barter PR for my ham,
I will not barter for my pork,
I will not trade PR for a silver fork,
I do not want a bag of yams,
I will not have it Bartering Fans!

Unless it is trade for my rent, internet, phone, utilities, or garbage, as I am in my first year as a business owner, I think I'll opt out. There is the Vermont Barter Network, which down the road, I may explore as I am one to be open minded, but that, my friends is for another post, in another year.

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