Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 Tips

Think you have news? Do you want to get your news to the press so they can share with your audiences? Good. You are thinking in terms of public relations. Now, you have to determine if your news is newsworthy. Here is how:

1. Does your news solve a problem?

2. Does your news offer useful tips?

3. Does your news identify a trend?

If it does not do one of these three things (and we're talking 100% here, not "it could if you looked at it this way") it is not newsworthy!

Now, I am not talking about small company announcements, etc. that are being included in specific areas of a business publication. I am talking about trying to get a feature story written.

So, if your news doesn't do one of the three items above - don't despair! Do some background work and research and find a way for your news to do one of those three things - then you'll have something editors want to know about!

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erickia said...

haha..nice blog, hope to see more news soon