Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick Non-Media Tips

Moving is one daunting task! My blogging has become thirdary lately after running my Vermont PR biz and moving to the Charlotte farmhouse. But...I have a few tips I wanted to share for those looking to beef up their presence to their various audiences.

~ Become an Expert - Not just in your field of work, but take a hobby or two and get active and involved in organizations and events surrounding your hobbies. Not only will it help with your association marketing, but you can find opportunities to get quoted by the press and included in media opportunities that help paint a more three dimensional picture of who you really are. Like my recent memory lane trip of my junior prom in this past Saturday's Burlington Free Press.

~ Be a Speaker - Volunteer to speak for a group you belong to or a group who could benefit from hearing some tips you have to share. Research conferences related to your field and contact organizers about sitting on panel discussion boards. Be sure to plan far in advance for this - as you should with everything in PR.

~ Write a Blog - Not only is a blog a great internet marketing vehicle, it's a fantastic opportunity to be in an editor's shoes.

~ Be an Author - Contact a local newspaper, magazine, or radio show and see if there is an opportunity for you to author a guest column, write an article, or have a radio segment. Remember, this is not a place for shameless self promotion, but rather to share your tips and expertise about a subject appropriate for that media outlet.

~ Don't Forget your Friends
- Keep your peeps up-to-date with your activities in business - you never know who knows who. Sometimes friends can make the best business contacts if you strike the right chord and let them know how they can help you.

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