Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tips on Setting Up a New Office

So, you have moved offices like me? It can be such a process! It's also a time to start fresh. Here are a few tips on some of the most useful things I have learned (and am still learning):

1.) Tell everyone! This way it's easier to schedule meetings farther away than normal because you simply cannot do it all!
2.) Google search yourself and change your address and phone number on all sites you are listed at. This is also a good time to update other business information and changes as well.
3.) Check prices and best solutions for your phone and internet. A move is a good time to get rid of stuff that didn't work so hot and go with something better! I found the cell phone as a business phone had run its course and was wayyyyy too expensive. So, I dropped my minutes to the lowest level and got a business line - tax deductible in toto baby! I also found that Champlain Valley Telecom rocks!!! Comcast was a rip-off with crappy service. I went through Kris Merchant and he actually came to my house and set it all up and waited for me because I was running late (one of my signature not-so-hot qualities). So glad I didn't have to spend 4 hours speaking to people who couldn't speak English telling me how to use a paper clip to poke at my equipment (no, I am not politically correct and yes, that was always super annoying). Anyway, Champlain Valley Telecom is Rachel Carter PR Approved and Recommended!
4.) Take the time to set up and reorganize your office - shut off the phone and don't check email. Your clients will appreciate it in the long run.
5.) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - GREAT opportunity to be green! Get stuff on Craig's List, sell stuff on Craig's List, get friendly with Recycle North, and find creative ways to recreate your office without dumping tons of money at Staples (I haven't gone once!).

And the NUMBER ONE thing to do when setting up a new office - CREATE A NEW SCHEDULE FOR YOURSELF. Right away. I am power walking in the beautiful Charlotte country-side every day after emailing and start my day with tea and rolling the Chinese balls in my hand to help with the creeping in carpal tunnel. Oh, and get a mouse to hook into your laptop if you don't have one. Staples might be worth it for that or find one used like I did!!!


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