Thursday, June 12, 2008


I continue to learn in my process of running a PR firm in Vermont. This week's lesson deals with over-delivering. This also ties in with honesty and not being a sales pitcher, but rather an idea pitcher. Successful public relations takes time and a lot of it. Well implemented PR programs start to self run themselves after a period of time and the fruits of the labor continue to sprout long after the work is over. Educating people on how this works is necessary prior to beginning work so expectations are clear between both parties.

Here are what I think are the major misconceptions about the practice of public relations:

1.) Public relations is not offered in a store therefore you can not try on everything, see if it fits, try on something else, and have a specific price tag on everything. It is a practice - like practicing the law and is paid for as a lawyer is.

2.) PR people do not have magic wands that affect the media. The media are immune to any magic you think PR people have. (hint - good PR people are just intuitive, there really is no magic)

3.) PR really does take a ton of time - really. Come job shadow or ask my current intern, Aislinn Wallace - she will tell you the truth!

4.) You do not need a degree in PR to be a good PR person and that should make no difference in pay. I happen to have a PR degree so I can say this without hidden agenda. (plus, my hidden agenda is to live in the country and work from home, which I am doing)

5.) PR does not in any way, shape, or form stand for press release. It stands for Public Relations which is relating to the public aka communicating with different audiences. This may or may not mean via the media.

I must race off to finish up the last of the move the Charlotte, VT. Any chance anyone knows anyone looking for a well priced apartment/house rental in Charlotte? Next door is open - fantastic opportunity for a couple needing lots of space and a home office!!

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