Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Why Women Should Rule the World"

I can give you several reasons why. I am not saying I am pro-women and anti-men, but women still manage to get the shaft in several areas including equal pay, respect, recognition, etc. I am not one to hide the facts of all sides of a situation so I will be honest that sometimes women are their own worst enemy. Regardless, women should have much more impact on the state of affairs on a national and global level. Besides the occasional catty and trashy chick fights, you don't see women fighting and being uncommunicative. Emotions aside, women communicate and men follow, break, and change rules. There is simply too much testosterone running the world and the only way to change that is with women.

Here is a real world example from my interesting and colorful life. Most folks know I am a live music addict. I love going to shows and festivals and rocking out with my like-minded friends. After over a decade of roaming around the hippie/jam band circuit I have learned LOTS of things. Much of it I apply in various direct and indirect ways to running Rachel Carter PR. And a huge social norm of the scene applies directly to national and world politics...the groups that hang together at festivals.

Group 1: All young chicks, no dudes. This is just not safe and stupid. The girls get too messed up, aren't prepared, have no experience, etc.

Group 2: All older chicks, no dudes. These mamas are about female empowerment and unless the gathering has a specific purpose for this, these ladies are probably pains in the butt to deal with.

Group 3: All dudes, no chicks. This is the worst group to encounter. They are foul, rude, cause trouble, are looked at as shady (and many are), and for the most part they are poster children for the concept that every good man needs a good woman. The worst thing about this group is most of the dudes are probably good guys, but in the mix of a testosterone only group, they go beyond the limits of what they should as good people.

Group 4: Mostly dudes, one or two chicks. The gals here are either girlfriends who are more meek than muscle or the one power chick who gets off on being amongst only dudes (because the power chick types thinks she's way too much of a pain in the butt). These one or two ladies will not have much effect on keeping the fellows in check.

Group 5: The mixed group of guys and gals, friends and relationships, siblings and co-workers, various ages. Any healthy group of individuals in the live music circuit consists of this form of arrangement. Checks and balances. The guys can be guys, the chicks can be chicks, the leaders can lead, the followers can chill, the group is prepared, the group is safe, the group is cohesive, the group is a positive attribute to the entire scene. And the nature of the group keeps individual demons in check.

Do you see where I am going? Everyone knows in politics the chicks without guys are just femi-nazis or whatever other names politicians and media want to call them. How come no one ever talks about guys without chicks? They are testosterone filled douchbags! And all the guys with one power chick? No better!!!

I am certainly not the one to talk abut this on a national level, so I am putting my faith in former White House press secretary, Dee Dee Myers. For those who don't know, the job of press secretary is the most esteemed public relations job in this country. So whether you are interested in the concept of "women ruling the world" or want to learn more in the scope of publicity from the creme de la creme in the field, you should join myself and a bunch of others at the 7th Annual Key4Women Forum.

The Key4Women Forum is being held this fall in several Northeast locations including the Hilton in Burlington on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 from 8:30 - 10:00 am. The $25 registration fee benefits The Vermont Women's Fund. Registration is available online at I went to the forum last year and was blown away. Both the speaker and the networking is second to none in regards to events I have attended in this state. And my continuing kudos to Key Bank and the Key4Women program - their commitment to women business owners is unparalleled in Vermont and their business banking services have really allowed me to learn and grow in running my own Vermont public relations agency.

Hope to see you there!


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