Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who Wants to Grow your Business??

You do! I am not a Vermont business grower, I am a Vermont business publicist, but the two are often very much intertwined. So much in fact that sometimes people want to meet with me to talk about how to grow their business before they have the kinks worked out so that they are ready for the PR. This is when I refer them to Mary Beth Quinn - The Growth Coach of Vermont. Of the many people I have met while launching and getting my Vermont public relations firm up and running, Mary Beth is truly one of those people who, quite simply, gets it. And as someone who gets it myself, I love to surround myself with like minded folks.

I figured Mary Beth and her strategic business coaching company would not mind if I stole some great pieces of advice for my loyal and new readers and gave her full credit. So, here are some tips from The Growth Coach of Vermont (edited into my own words), tips which I fully integrate into growing my own business. And from business owner to business owner, they are working!

1.) Identify your best referral sources over the past year and not only thank them, but keep them updated on your business and what you are looking for in clients today.

2.) Build up those relationships with businesses with whom you are the paying client and get yourself some informal sales agents.

3.) Ask your current customers and clients for referrals and introductions.

4.) Build strategic alliances with other businesses that have the same client base.

5.) Make doing business with you easy - especially do not ask potential clients to assume any risk in working with you.

6.) Consider, not resist utilizing telemarketing - especially with follow-up.

7.) Influence many in one niche market with events or seminars and collaborate with other business partners in reaching potential customers with events.

8.) Utilize public relations! For real, that is one of Mary Beth's tips!

9.) Revisit past customer and client relationships and heal those that may be tarnished.

10.) Leverage indirect competitors to gain new customers - leads can flow in both directions.

The Growth Coach of Vermont offers a variety of ways to work with Mary Beth including retreats, workshops, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and special projects. To learn more visit www.thegrowthcoach-vermont.com or contact me and I'll introduce you!

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