Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product Quality Reduction - Bad Company

I have been keeping my eyes and ear peeled for seeing if my prediction would come true about everyone so focused on social media that the commitment to quality starts to slip and I have seen it in my own home with products I buy! Gasp.

I do not follow large national companies and their social media because my niche market is Vermont and I firmly believe in not stretching oneself too thin. Because of this I cannot say that these companies are more focused on social media than product quality, but I can say I have recently noticed some product quality reduction that I think they should be called out for. I think it has to to do with budgets and where to cut and cutting in product quality is the worst place to do it. Luckily Vermont is too small for companies to get away with this as much - yes another reason to buy local in Vermont!

Coast Soap
- Ok, what is up with the mini sized soap bars? I have been using Coast soap since my best friend in middle school showed me how to wipe it on your clothes dry as a fabulous perfume! Once high school was through and I started buying my own soap, I transitioned from wiping it dry on clothes to buying it as my one and only shower soap and this has not wavered to this day. Recently I have been noticing the bars go much quicker than they used to and because I stock up on everything, was able to compare an old bar to a new bar - half the size with no change in price of course! Do I really have to switch soaps after exercising brand loyalty of over 20 years?

Fiber One Granola Bars - In order to keep up high costs, you simply remove a bar from the box making the count go from 6 to 5? Is this for real? The first time I noticed this I thought it was a packaging glitch, however now I see it is not. Then I realized they only had 6 in them when the product was first launching (which I purchased as a result of their strong coupon positioning). Trick 'em, hook 'em, trick 'em again. With the exception of Kudos, granola bar boxes are supposed to be 6! No kudos here!

Laundry Detergent - There are too many companies to name, but what is up with this business of the dual washing power? This is definitely just a gimmick to make you pay full price for half a bottle. Seriously. This makes me get loud and obnoxious in the grocery store. Good thing I'm going tonight - watch out Mitchezzz...


Ken said...

Hi Rachel!
A stirring article that many of us can agree with you on.
Only 5 granola bars to a package instead of 6!
Makes me wonder what other tricks the big companies have played on us consumers.
Like you said, another good reason to buy local.
Take care.

sample said...

Great thoughts..i was

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