Wednesday, January 30, 2008

PR Tip - Magazine Collaboration

Time for a new PR tip and what better than something I am actively participating in right now?!

Be friends with people who make magazines!
And that doesn't mean just to pitch your stories! I think one of the coolest things about being in public relations is the ability to be a resource for the media regarding all the stuff you know about. For instance, I have my clients, yes, but I also know lots about Vermont music and Vermont travel and tourism - for these areas I have even created other blogs - Vermont Music and Vermont Vibes. With my blog knowledge, I write an article in the Green Living Journal and I write a column in the Healthy Hippie Magazine based on my Vermont Vibes blog. I share music knowledge with State of Mind Music Magazine and Burlington knowledge with Best of Burlington Magazine.

I don't do this for specific clients at all - how shady! I do this first because it is fun and second because it positions myself and Rachel Carter PR as a resource for the media, for the public, and for potential clients!

This is a great tool for anyone running their own business. Discover what it is you are an "expert" on and find media outlets who could benefit from your information and find a way to work together. It's one of my favorite aspects of work and is one of the most fun! Check me out having fun in my working glory at a recent event at Nectars!

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