Monday, October 20, 2008

Document Strategy

The term document strategy seems to be one of those marketing terms that sounds strategic but yet doesn't really say anything. The office solution company, IKON calls it document efficiency. That's a little better, but still not very clear.

I'll help clear it up - wasting less paper and IKON has products and services to help companies do that. I was recently contacted by IKON to attend a sales/informational luncheon to learn about this concept and how IKON can help manage this problem. In my world of small businesses, document strategy is a foreign concept to me - not an issue and not a concern. My business was green at the get go - I work electronically, heck, I don't even print invoices. And I am conscious about how I dispose of my e-waste. I work at my home, keep meetings on a schedule so I only drive once or twice a week, and grow much of my own food. My carbon footprint is pretty low. Oh, and I just spent the weekend weatherproofing my house.

While I may not be the target market for such a luncheon, there are definitely businesses out there who are the target market - can I say The State of Vermont, insurance companies, utility companies, health care organizations, communications companies and everyone else that sends way too much junk/repeat mail? Unfortunately the process of "document strategy" can be costly and can cause some pretty hefty structural unraveling and that doesn't help the dwindling middle class worker.

The smart thing that IKON has going for them is their ability to offer the cost savings strategy - showing that it will probably cost up front, but the long term savings greatly outweigh the upfront costs. If only these bureaucratic organizations actually had to be held accountable for their carbon footprint - hopefully that day is not too far off.

Interested in attending the luncheon or letting others know?

What: IKON Environmental Show
When: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 from 10-3
Where: UVM Davis Center (A LEEDS certified building)
How: Register with Eric Thompson -


Greg Walters said...

Nice post. Your first sentence nails the issue. "The term document strategy seems to be one of those marketing terms that sounds strategic but yet doesn't really say anything..." - It's like when companies sell "solutions" - what the heck is a "solution"?

And true, IKON may be looking for "bigger fish" - after all, they are a copier company to the core.

I see that you are on the right track when it comes to Green and Printing, with HP.(one of the Greenest manufacturers in the world)

And yet, there is so much more - have you looked into a Multi Function unit?

The CM4730f mfp is cheap now with a 50% discount and does color,scans and fax.

I hope you know about the HP toner cartridge recycling program - it's free. As well as some HP E-Waste programs...perhaps they will take the old "all in one" unit on the desk, there.

Wow - bet you didn't think you would get a lesson on Green as a result of an IKON post...sorry.



Rachel Carter said...

The HP recycling program in indeed a great one and I use it as well! Although my Staples Rewards seems to be in limbo...