Friday, October 3, 2008

5 Free & Quick Ways to Promote Your Business

1.) Google search your competition and post yourself everywhere you see them posted.

2.) Identify a trend, set of tips, and/or a solution to a problem and how your business relates to it. Write a press release and/or by-lined article on it and send to business magazines, journals, and websites.

3.) Send an email blast to your friends and good contacts telling them something new or that they might not know about your business and ask them to share with people in their networks.

4.) Offer to do a speech/presentation or be on a panel on a topic you are an expert on to an organization that reaches your target audience.

5.) Join your local Front Porch Forum and let your neighbors know who you are and what your business is! (

These tips brought to you by Vermont public relations chick - Rachel Carter ( Check out my Charlotte Farmhouse office!!

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