Friday, October 24, 2008

Just How Do I Get All That Press?

Everyone has been asking me this question recently. People keep saying, "I see you everywhere!" It's strategically placed news folks! I take items that are newsworthy regarding my businesses - business launch, website launch, other related business activities (i.e. blogs, board appointments, etc.), recognitions and awards, new employee, etc. and I space out the news I send to the press. For instance three of those things could happen at one time. Instead of sending it all at once, I break it out into separate news items and send them several months apart from each other. I also time it for when I can take on business and inquiries. In addition, I seek out opportunities that can be press worthy and I continue to have updated photos to tell these different stories.

I also play the see and be seen game. People need to see your face to place two and two together ad I definitely allocate time for networking and career enhancement events. These events are always good for learning, as no one knows it all, and they are good for connecting and reconnecting. People get frustrated with networking events saying they don't transcribe into business - not directly for the most part, but the do abstractly and PR my friends is one abstract business!

Hope everyone is doing ok making it through financial stresses and taking time out for themselves! I am cutting off at noon today and going hiking and wildlife viewing with my sweet fiance. Providing public relations services in Vermont can take a break!

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